Founded by Lin Cousins and Kathleen Dunmore in 1996, Three Dragons brings together specialist skills in town planning, economics and policy development.Three Dragons has an established track record in research and policy-making across all aspects of new housing provision and its role in the planning and development process.

We work at the local, regional and national levels, for public, private and voluntary sector clients. We have particular expertise in the development of economic models and have developed a nationally used financial viability model (the Three Dragons toolkit) and a model for forecasting demand for specialist older persons housing (the Retirement Housing Group model).

Our main areas of interest are:


  • Working with the planning system to deliver affordable housing
  • Analysing the housing market and demographic change
  • Undertaking Affordable Housing and CIL Viability Assessments
  • Infrastructure planning and development delivery studies
  • Scheme delivery and negotiation
  • Rural housing issues
  • Older persons housing issues
  • Custom & self-build housing
  • Assessment of housing and land supply
  • Training and conferences on housing delivery and policy issues

Latest News:

  • Custom & Self-build Seminar

    Thank you to the RTPI for making our joint seminar about Custom & Self-build housing a great success and to our speakers for their informative presentations. The event gave practical advice on planning, measuring demand and developing policies for delivering Custom & Self-build homes and......

  • Delivering Large Scale Housing: Three Dragons help shape new practice advice published by the RTPI

    The new practice advice note ‘Delivering Large Scale Housing’ published by the RTPI in March draws primarily on research carried out by Three Dragons and Heriot Watt University.  The practice note recognises the key role that large scale developments play in housing delivery, and considers......