Custom & Self-build Housing

09 May Custom & Self-build Housing

Three Dragons, working with the South West RTPI, jointly hosted a seminar on Custom & Self-build Housing for planning and housing professionals. The seminar focussed on how local authorities and their partners can develop appropriate policies and ensure serviced plots are provided for custom & self-builders. It looked at a wide range of practical solutions and innovative developments, including how such housing can be made available to all income groups. Lin Cousins and Laura Easton from Three Dragons gave a presentation on assessing long term demand for custom & self-build plots. They introduced the custom & self-build demand assessment toolkit that Three Dragons has developed in conjunction with the Right to Build Task Force/NaCSBA and which can be used by local authorities at district planning level.

Lin also ran a masterclass entitled ‘custom & self-build registers and assessing demand’ at the Right to Build Expo in Exeter. Laura took part in a Q & A session at the Right to Build Expo in London on 10th May.

Our recent research and policy work on custom & self-build, working with local authorities in particular, has demonstrated that many councils are looking at innovative ways of diversifying local housing choice through custom & self-build options, contributing also towards meeting housing numbers and the requirements of Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015 (along with relevant regulations).

If you would like to talk to Three Dragons about custom & self-build housing please contact either Lin or Laura.


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