15 Apr Working in Wales and Northern Ireland

During 2015, Three Dragons led teams that investigated aspects of the supply of, and financial case for, affordable housing in Wales and Northern Ireland. Reports for both studies have now been published.

The first, for the Welsh government, is an evaluation of the Rent First scheme* in the four years since its introduction, along with a review of other intermediate housing products. The study found that there remains a gap in the housing market in Wales which Rent First can help address. However take up of Rent First has been patchy and further action is recommended to extend the use of Rent First and to support development of intermediate rent generally.

The second study was commissioned by Department for Social Development (DSD) and Department of the Environment (DOE) in Northern Ireland on the possible introduction of a developer contribution scheme*. The research highlights that most housing markets in Northern ireland outside Belfast could not sustain a developer contribution scheme at present. Social Development minister (Lord) Morrow said “This research report will make a valuable contribution to our evidence base on this issue …. we will also continue to engage with key stakeholders on the specific issues highlighted in the report and on wider housing market issues as we consider how best to support the growth of our social and affordable housing supply.”

*Rent First operates in Wales and provides rented housing at intermediate rents giving tenants an opportunity to purchase their property at a later date. In conducting the research, Three Dragons worked with SQW ltd, Cyngor Da, and Opinion Research Services Ltd. The report can be accessed here >

* Northern Ireland report on Developer Contributions: Three Dragons worked with Heriot Watt University to produce the report which can be accessed here >

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